Oatie fruity Bon Bons

These little Bons Bons are beyond easy peasy to whip up.

It’s also a great way of using up all those little odd bits of oats and dried fruits and seeds that end up lurking on the back of the larder. (and Bon Bon is a much prettier word than balls don’t you think?)

My Bon Bon Recipe

Measures are approximate as it’s based on whatever’s in the store cupboard.

Preheat the oven to 180 C 

500gm gluten free muesli 

250gm milled flax seed 

250gn flax seed

250gm desiccated coconut

As much maple syrup as it takes to bind it all together

Quarter of a cup of water

Pop all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them together , pour in the maple syrup you want enough to bind the mix but not go soggy, it should be quite stiff, so now add the water and leave the mix for about 10 minutes so the oats soften.

Fill a jug with water and moisten your hands, and then use a dessert spoon to spoon a small amount into your hand and roll into a little Bon Bon, the water stops your hands getting all gloopy and the mix sticking. 

Place them on a non stick baking tray and bake them for about 15 minutes until they go a golden brown.

Enjoy and shake your Bon Bons baby!

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