Goodness me it’s Gluten free.

Call me weird (you won’t be the first) but I have never been a pizza fan. I know shock horror what’s wrong with me right? I just never liked the concept, deep base, thin crust, stuffed crust whatever… All too messy and doughy and stodgy for this fussy person, until I discovered this amazing recipe by Savy Vegan on you tube for two ingredient quinoa bread And it got me thinking…


This is so unbelievably easy and delicious even favourite man (harshest critic ever) approves.

For the bread (which actually is more than two ingredients by the time I finished with it)

1 cup quinoa

1 and a half cups water

salt and pepper

2tbsp Nutritional yeast

1tbsn Garlic powder

2tbsn Oregano

2 tbsn chilli flakes

Preheat your oven to 180 C and line a baking tray with baking parchment paper ( not greaseproof paper as it will stick)

Pour the quinoa and spices and water into a food processor or blender ( I use my nutri bullet) and whizz until all smooth and well, sloppy. Pour it on to the baking sheet and smooth into a round pizza base shape and bake for about twenty minutes until its firm and golden, you can turn it over mid way if you wish.


BOOM! IT’S THAT SIMPLE! when its ready just whack on your pizza toppings of choice and grill for anothe 8-10 minutes. I added homemade Ragu sauce, red onions red peppers, mushrooms and vegan mozzarella cheese by Violife Truly, it is delicious, light not stodgy (yay!) and GOOD FOR YOU being protein rich and full of fibre! I also tried soaking the quinoa over night and it bakes much much crisper, and makes ideal crackers for slathering with hummus or peanut butter or whatever takes your fancy… On a roll now I made a sweet version, simply by adding a liberal slosh of maple syrup, vanilla essence, half a bag of chopped dates and desicated coconut and maraschino cherries…gluten free heaven.


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