Finding peace within nature in a world gone mad.

There are no words really for what a catastrophically awful year 2020 was and sadly, it’s looking like 2021 hasn’t started off much better. I haven’t written anything here for so so long….. and I really don’t want this to be all doom and gloom and negativity because let’s face it, there’s enough of that going on in the world.
I never thought I was the sort of person to be affected by stress and anxiety, to have moments, sometimes hours, sometimes days of being overwhelmed by feelings of complete hopelessness and futility. Not to mention the shameful lack of drive, of motivation, of the “want” to do anything, so not me at all, but I’m not alone am I?

So what has kept YOU all sane? I am not by nature an early bird, definitely more of a night owl… Well I used to be but my early morning walks last year (and I mean EARLY) have brought me joy and given me so much. I never really truly appreciated seeing the sun rise, the delight at hearing birdsong , the PEACE found just walking in nature. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful pocket park right on our doorstep, and here you will find me every morning without fail, rain or shine Summer or Winter. Who knew we had not just the park Herons but Woodpeckers, Kingfishers and a huge pack of cheeky Foxes. (yes I have names for all of them just call me The Fox Whisperer)
I have met so many people on my walk, all of us on the same socially distanced mission, to escape the madness albeit for a brief period and just….. b r e a t h e.

Strangers are now friends of a sort and the little chats we share and the connections we have made with each other have shown that even in the worst times we can find a shared joy in the simplest of things. Fresh air, birdsong, nature, watching the seasons change and that basic human desire to be the social creatures we are…. from a safe distance.

Heres hoping for an end to all the madness, for good things and better days to come for everyone.

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