Min’s Marzipan Dimples…

I have always loved, loved, loved Marzipan and so I decided to give making my own a go…. 

It couldn’t  be easier! I literally just took a small bag of ground almonds (250gm) and mixed it into a malleable thick paste by adding some almond oil, (about 3-4 tablespoons.)
I wanted to add a delicate middle eastern flavour, so to these I also added some rose water (about 1 teaspoon) and then I rolled them into little spheres and made a tiny dimple in the centre. I garnished them with smashed pistachios and rose petals.

I then went Marzipan crazy and made another batch which I added Orange blossom water to and garnished with bronze sprinkles.

And then a curious thing happened…As I sat down and was enjoying them with a glass of wine, my little cat Min came padding over, had a sniff and then proceeded to eat one clean out of my hand! A cat who loves Marzipan ! As she also has dimples in her paws and clearly is a bit bonkers about marzipan it seemed only right to name them after her

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  1. Luella says:

    Beautiful photos!


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