Stargazey soup 

I just made this today because I was playing around with my petit four cutters and some stray carrots (I know too much time on my hands right?) I love making soups, especially in the winter, you can use up all the odd bits of pasta and rice and veggies you have knocking around and totally mix up the herb and spices.

This is very simple and clean and light, perfect for when we are having this funny off on summer weather.

1 bag of kale

6 carrots hopped or cut into stars or whatever shape you fancy with a petit four cutter

I vegetable stock cube

2 gloves of garlic crushed

250gm orzo 

4 spring onions finely sliced

4 bay leaves

Olive oil 


Get the kettle boiling and the hob on, and crush the garlic. Chiffonade the kale as fine as you can, discarding any stalky bits and then sautée it the pan with some olive oil the bay leaves and garlic until it softens.

Add water on to the kale about three quarters full in the pan and fling in the orzo and the vegetable stock cube. Cook it for about 8 minutes then add the carrots and spring onions and let it it bubble away gently until the orzo is fully cooked and the water has reduced into a light broth.

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