Sunday Scramble with Follow your Heart.

I am so excited about this totally amazing vegan egg replacement! 

This magical yellow powder totally does what it says on the box! It looks smells and tastes just like real egg and is super easy to make up and use. It’s totally delicious and unlike a lot of other vegan substitutes it’s actually good for you! high fibre low fat and no cholesterol it’s made from algal flour and protein derived from algae. 

This is a deal breaker people! Want to try it? I get mine online from Seasons Exeter who have an eggsellent mail order service (see what I did there?) and stock a VAST array of wonderful vegan goodies.

My scramble recipe.

Follow your heart egg

Salt and pepper

Garlic powder

Olive oil 

Spring onions

Chilli flakes or Chives

Make up the mix as shown on the box ( so easy one tablespoon equals one egg) with ice cold water and whisk thoroughly, adding salt and pepper and the garlic powder. ( It really smells eggy when you add the water!)

Heat  a little amount of olive oil in a small frying pan (say a teaspoons worth) and then I pour in the magic!

Pop in the spring onions and then and let it cook for about a minute so it starts to set. Then begin to break it up with a wide spatula so it starts to go “scrambley.”

Keep scrambling for about 6 minutes and you’re  good to go, sling on some chilli flakes, chives or hot sauce if you wish and enjoy.

This is omnivore approved and requested without fail every Sunday. 

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