How do you Hygge?

Well as I mentioned in an earlier post, turns out I’ve been embracing Hygge for years without  actually knowing it was a thing!

In a coincidental set of circumstances, I had literally just finished reading an article about Hygge and what it means, when a friends post on Instagram all about Hygge pinged up.

My friend mentioned me, saying “look all the candles and things, this all reminds me of you” I started to read more….

I think the best way to describe the feeling of Hygge for me is that moment when you genuinely feel happy, calm, content. Whether this is with blankets snuggled up on the sofa, relaxing with a good book, cooking, that feeling of satisfaction from achieving your tasks and having time to relax with a glass of wine, or sitting in the park and just being. Whatever it is, find your Hygge and genuinely feel it. Hygge can be found with friends, at dinner or in its most simplistic form, lighting a candle, togetherness.

Have a look at  these two beautful books to help you on your path to finding Hygge!

They are full of beautiful photography and recipes (which I am keen to veganise) and lovely tales of people and how and where they find Hyggelig in their lives and you in yours.

Be happy.

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